conical feed bins

Our conical feed containers can be used as bag feeders, big bag feeders or as intermediate containers for material that flows easily to moderately. Various designs and sizes are available.

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Discharge devices

Our material feed or dosing solution for poorly flowing or bridging materials. With the discharge technology specially designed for the transitube® spiral conveyor, even the most difficult materials can be handled reliably and volumetrically dosed with great accuracy.

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Big bag task units

With our big bag emptying stations, safe and fast big bag handling is guaranteed. Alternative solutions for handling with a forklift or with an integrated crane runway are available.

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tim plast Anlagenbau GmbH is your partner around the mechanical feeding and metering of bulk solids. More than 50 years of experience in this field, as well as the implementation of customized solutions in close collaboration with our customers, make tim plast Anlagenbau GmbH a reliable partner. Our core competencies include the mechanical transport in the plastics processing industry. Whether for filling machine hoppers on injection molding machines and extruders, blow molding machines or compression presses for thermosetting materials, as well as transporting materials in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, with our transitube® systems we provide solutions for nearly all of your feeding and metering needs. Along with the components of the tim Equipements series, as well as the cooperation with selected long-term suppliers, we offer a balanced range on the highest level and far beyond the normal level performance range. So we can always meet our customers’ and our own high standards. Our “know-how” stands for function and reliability!

tim plast history

It all began over 50 years ago, when André TAUPIN, a miller from Nevers, applied a patent for a flexible spiral conveyor to transport wheat in mills and farming co-operatives. The English company LUNDELL, an affiliate of the American John Deere group, was assigned for the distribution in these branches in England under the name of Snauger. The utilization of this device for storage and transport of flour in mills and also bakeries, which step by step migrated to the transport of bulk goods, was later assigned to the French company TOPRAC . TRANSITUBE started it’s activities in 1961 and closed a cooperation treaty with André TAUPIN to further develop the spiral conveyor and other inventions for industrial sectors worldwide. Over time the spiral conveyor became “a TRANSITUBE” amongst those who used them. This name is still often used facing other producers of spiral conveyors.

In 1965, the company TIM was commissioned to enhance the TRANSITUBE for the plastics industry.

In 1970 the German subsidiary TRANSITUBE GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf. Soon Mr. Michel Gelin took over the management, which he held until he retired in 2009 and who sure is remembered by many customers.

1997 the company changed it’s name to “tim plast”, but being the sole distributor for the brand “transitube®” did not change.

First there were plans to just specialize in the plastics industry, but this thought was abandoned due the extensive needs and demands of our customers.

“tim plast Anlagenbau GmbH” still serves all their German customers, regardless of their industry affiliation.

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