conical feed bins

Our conical feed containers can be used as bag feeders, big bag feeders or as intermediate containers for material that flows easily to moderately. Various designs and sizes are available.

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Discharge devices

Our material feed or dosing solution for poorly flowing or bridging materials. With the discharge technology specially designed for the transitube® spiral conveyor, even the most difficult materials can be handled reliably and volumetrically dosed with great accuracy.

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Big bag task units

With our big bag emptying stations, safe and fast big bag handling is guaranteed. Alternative solutions for handling with a forklift or with an integrated crane runway are available.

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Big-Bag (FIBC) unit BBS

The transitube® Big-Bag unit “type BBS” makes it easy to handle your Big-Bags. The system is designed as a modular system and you can modify it to your needs at any time. The modifications can be done toolfree, the needed time for those changes are just seconds.

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Field of application

transitube® Big-Bag units are used in all plants where bulkmaterial is handled with FIBCs. If your material is not freeflowing or even bridging, an optional bumping-bottom can be used. By using two pneumatical agitators in combination with the antibridging device ZFP, even badflowing material like chalk or talk powder can be managed. The optional bottom can be installed at any time, also after installation.


The columns can be adjusted to the specific height of your Big-Bags by cutting. With different sets of columns the frames can be used for all Big-Bag sizes you use in your plant and can be changed between sizes. Additional sets of columns are available as spareparts. A special version which is open at one side is available as well, so that the unit can also be used as a filling unit.


The mobile frame gives you the opportunity of stacking up to three frames in height. This makes the storage of Big-Bags more easy and gives you a lot of further space in your storagearea. If the Big-Bags are already placed in the mobile frame a replacement of the Big-Bag is also much faster if you have a high materialconsumption. A special upper frame for cranetransport can be delivered as well as a bigger version for maxisize Big-Bags.

maximum load per frame = 2.000 kg

New at timplast:

As an alternative to our well known big-baqg unit type BBS we created a new version called BBS-stable. This was done due to the wishes of some customers who where not able to use a forklift or an existing crane to transport the big-bags into the unit.


The new Big-Bag unit type BBS-stable is available as a full electric version (trolley and chain hoist), with an electric chein hoist but manual trolley or as a full manualy version. The transitube® storagehoppers from the SC-series can be intigrated for freeflowing materials as well as the antibridging units type ZFP for non freeflowing bulkmaterials. In that case, also the transitube® bumpingbottom is applicable in that unit.


The big-bag unit type BBS-stable is designed for the use of all kind of common bagsizes up to a load of 2 t. Different dimensions of the big-bags can be adjusted by vary the height of the unit (using the intigrated hitch pin system). Datasheets of the new version will be available soon.


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