conical feed bins

Our conical feed containers can be used as bag feeders, big bag feeders or as intermediate containers for material that flows easily to moderately. Various designs and sizes are available.

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Discharge devices

Our material feed or dosing solution for poorly flowing or bridging materials. With the discharge technology specially designed for the transitube® spiral conveyor, even the most difficult materials can be handled reliably and volumetrically dosed with great accuracy.

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Big bag task units

With our big bag emptying stations, safe and fast big bag handling is guaranteed. Alternative solutions for handling with a forklift or with an integrated crane runway are available.

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transitube® conveyor works according to the principle of a fast rotating spiral, which ensures the gentle handling of bulk materials. The motor driven spiral transports the product inside a flexible tube from inlet to outlet. Outputs of 10.000 l/h and a transfer length of 20 m can be realized with just one conveyor.

The transitube® flexible mechanical feeder garantees an automatic and dust free charging of hoppers and installations of all kind. These can be extruders, blow molding machines or injection molding machines in the plastics industry as well as packaging machines, dosing units, mixers of silos. The transitube® feeder is appclicable for any kind of bulk transport including bad-flowing products an can be applied in almost all sectors of industry.

Taking individual requirements into account we select the best conveyor type from our products. This may be as a sole feeder or in combination with our hopper type SC or, for bad-flowing products, our antibridging-device type ZFP.

PC Series

With flanged connection to charge from a transitube® antibridging-device or hopper, as well as from an existing hopper or silo.
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PM Series

Our feeder version „PM“ is used for charging a line of machines with the same material.

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PS Series

With inlet probe type PS which allows to transport from for example a drum.

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Transfer attributes


  • The transitube® flexible mechanical feeder can get around obstacles. No detailed plans are necessary since mounting adjustments can be made quickly.


  • low maintenance
  • Low power consumption even with high outputs


  • A transitube® flexible feeder works with high rotational speed in a closed system without filter. Due to this, no material can get to the outside and no foreign particles can get in.

Spiral profiles

  • ROUND SPIRAL:The standard spiral for all good flowing materials.
  • FLAT SPIRAL:for approx. 30% higher output and for powders.
  • SQUARE SPIRAL:for difficult and sticky materials.
  • MULTIFLUX SPIRAL:for the transport of powder over long distances.
  • BRUSH SPIRAL:for the transport of very sticky materials.

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