Hoppers Type SC

The hoppers of the SC series can be used as bag-emptying hoppers, for big-bag-charging or as intermediate hoppers. Different designs and sizes are available.

Field of application

Our hopper type SC can be used with free flowing bulk material. A version with a 60° conical outlet and an optional vibrator is available for moderately-flowing materials. The hopper can be equipped with a bag support plate and a range of different of lids. With these options it can be adjusted to the requirements of different cases of operation.


The different models of the hopper series PC make sure there is an adequate option for handling your bulk material available. They are perfectly matched with our spiral conveyors and are the ideal addition to them. In connection with our big-bag-emptying station, or with poor flowing material our hoppers type ZFP, almost all kinds of material handling can be realized.


The hoppers of the SC series are available in different sizes and capacities and in various materials such as stainless steel or epoxy coated steel. The clasp ring connections make installing the spiral conveyors type PC easy. Various accessories for more connecting options (eg for pneumatic feeders) are as well available. A grid is mounted in each hopper to serve as a safeguard or retention for foreign matter. Various process connections for level indicators can also be installed.

* slight deviations are possible
Bigger capacities available on request


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