conical feed bins

Our conical feed containers can be used as bag feeders, big bag feeders or as intermediate containers for material that flows easily to moderately. Various designs and sizes are available.

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Discharge devices

Our material feed or dosing solution for poorly flowing or bridging materials. With the discharge technology specially designed for the transitube® spiral conveyor, even the most difficult materials can be handled reliably and volumetrically dosed with great accuracy.

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Big bag task units

With our big bag emptying stations, safe and fast big bag handling is guaranteed. Alternative solutions for handling with a forklift or with an integrated crane runway are available.

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Mixing plant

Another field of activity for transitube is the realization of small mixing plants for PVC processors. Based on our experience with PVC transport and dosing of difficult materials our customers asked us to create a solution for batch dosing systems.
Especially our customers in Turkey asked for the possibility to fill the turbomixer with a simple but highly accurate weighing unit. A lot of customers in that market have a smaller production site with only 5 extruders, so a big “mixingtower” would not be cost-efficient.
For these customers we designed a semi-automated system with the main target on the good dosing operation.
With the batch-mixer DP we fulfilled the wishes of our customers. In the basic version there are only the central weighing hopper with the dosing units to be place around. The needed platform will be build locally according to our drawings. A automatic feeding system to fill the dosing units can be planned optionally. Most time our customers use this option for the main PVC component and do the additional additives manually. For sure, also these can be planned fully automated. By Siemens-PLC based weighingunit the whole system can be operated via a Windows Computer and a high rate of accuracy can be reached.
We can also provide complete feeding lines after the mixing plant. The transport from the turbomixers into intermediate silos and the following transport to the machine lines is our business. Together with our partners we are able to deliver complete turn-key systems according the wish of the customer.
By combining our standard equipment to a unit with dosing units and feeding lines we are able to offer a complete solution from delivery of the raw material to the machinery hopper.

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