conical feed bins

Our conical feed containers can be used as bag feeders, big bag feeders or as intermediate containers for material that flows easily to moderately. Various designs and sizes are available.

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Discharge devices

Our material feed or dosing solution for poorly flowing or bridging materials. With the discharge technology specially designed for the transitube® spiral conveyor, even the most difficult materials can be handled reliably and volumetrically dosed with great accuracy.

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Big bag task units

With our big bag emptying stations, safe and fast big bag handling is guaranteed. Alternative solutions for handling with a forklift or with an integrated crane runway are available.

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Feeding of PVC-powder to a profileline

Here you can see a complete feedingline to transport two different PVC mixtures to a line of 14 extruders. The transitube® multiplefeedingline type PM was designed as a parallel doubleline. All frameworks where done, due to the datas of timplast, localy by the customer.

Big-Bag double fillingunit

For one of our customers we designed a Big-Bag double fillingunit. If one Big-Bag is full the system switch to the second bag automaticly. Now the first bag can be changed against an empty one. If at the meantime it was not possible to change the bag, the system will stop by itselve if  the second Big-Bag is full as well. If the bag was replaced, the system will continue with the empty bag again. (On the picture you can see three identic systems in a row.)

Filling a gravimetric unit

For that customer we had to transport three different materials to an gravimetric dosingunit. As the powdermaterials where very dusty and nonflowing to bridging the customer wanted to use the transitube® flexible feeder to solve his problems. To connect the gravimetric hoppers to the spiralfeeders flexible tubes where used.

Flexible connection

In this case a flexible connection between an upfeeder and an horizontalfeeder had to be made. This was necessary cause the horizontal feeder was fixed to an injectionmoulding machineryhopper. As that hopper is moving back- and forward all the time and the flexible connection should not be made above the hopper we designed the horizontal feeder as a rigid model which was placed in a sliding support.

Antibridgingunit with doubledosing and special framedesign

Here you can see one of our antibridgingunits in a special customerdesign. As that ZFP unit had to have two dosingducts in combination with a frame which was compareable with the existing machineryframe we had to produce it right to the customers needs. Furthermore it also should be prepared for an optional gravimetric system. Fortunatly that modification was not necessary due to the high precision the volumetric spiraldosing already reached.

Filling of an mineral casting unit

A mineral casting unit had to be filled with four different bulkmaterials (on the picture you can see two hoppers). As the materials for these machines vary from freeflowing to bridging, different solutions will be applied. Here you can see one system for freeflowing(left) and one system for nonflowing (right) material.

Mobile hopper for calcit

As a movible hoppersolution for calciumcarbonate that customer needed a feedingsystem. In that special application it was necessary to have an active antibridgingsystem at every feederinlet. To reach that performance a ZFP unit was placed on castors. The unit could be disconnected from the feedingsystem and was filled at a different location. Four identical ZFP hoppers are in use to enable a continued workflow.

Big-Bag emtying station

Here you see a Big-Bag emptying station type BBS in combination with a hopper type SC-100 and a feeder PC. The hooper is used as the connecting point between the Big-Bag and the feedingsystem and as a reservoir to have enough time to change the empty bags. The unit on the picture was build in a special colour to fit perfect to the existing machines, due to the whishes of the customer.

Gravimetric dosingunit for multiple components

For a customer at the field of rotomoulding we created a solution to feed and dose vary mixtures of five different components. The components are conveyed by spiralfeeders from Big-Bag unit up to a dosingunit. Here a gravimetric system is able to create a mixture due to the actual productionneeds. A roboter take the materialmixture and filles the productionform.

Big-Bag unit for PVC

Another Big-Bag unit for the charge of PVC powder. From the Big-Bag unit the material is transported into a dosinghopper which is part of a batchdosingsystem type DP. As the spiralfeeder type PC works only on a mechanical base it is perfectly fit to transport powdermaterials like PVC.

Gravimetric batchdosingunit type DP

Here we have a scalehopper of a dosingsystem type DP. That kind of weighingsystem works as a batchsystem. One after the other material will be dosed gravimetricaly into the scalehopper. After the complete recept is ready it can be opperated from the following machine. In the most cases this will be a turbomixer.

Batchmixer type MV200

The mixer type MV200 is the suitable solution to homogenise a batch of different freeflowing materials. After all materials are given to the hopper an internal feeder starts to stir the components. After a propper mixingtime the mixture can be taken by the materialoutlet at the side of the hopper. Also a spiralfeeder type PC can be mounted directly to feed a machineryhopper.

Dustfree material charge solution

To reach a dustfree material charge into a hopper an easy solution can be a closed case with a plastic stripe skirt. The case can be connected to an existing dedustingsystem. If wanted, it can also be completed with an door so it can be closed while not in opperation.

Feeding out of a grinder

Here you see an older feedingunit which was actualy rebuild. A PS model transports material directly from a grinder into a storage bin. From transitube there are also different solutions available to connect bigger grinder models with a special spiralfeeder inlet.

Multiple feedingline with customer framework

At that plant we delivered a complete PVC solution, consisting of a gravimetric dosingunit for the turbomixer, feedingline from the mixer into a line of restingsilos as well as the feedingline to the extruderhoppers. The material was a PVC-DryBlend for windowprofiles. As the costs should be reduced, the customer produced all necessary frames and platform localy due to the datas given by timplast.

Antibridging unit with big-bag connection

Here you see an antibridging unit type ZFP 800 ready for delivery to the customer. As the customer was in the Food-industry, the whole unit was build in stainless steel.The lid was designed for a later connection of a Big-Bag unit.

Silo collection feeder

Here we have a feeder mounted under a line of silos, which collects the material from one or more of the outlets. Controled by the levelindicators and a small PLC-controlunit the speed of the spirale was adjusted to the optimum setpoint. The realisation of a collectionfeeder varies due to the specifications of the needed output and the material to be transported.

Dosingunit in special design

The requirement of that customer was a solution to combine and feed the material out of two existing verticalmixers. Based on our dosingunit type DCL we designed a special solution where the materialhoppers where replaced by the mixers. By using a flexible screwconveyor, for the materialtransport to the machineryhopper, the materialmixture was homogenised due to the way of transport.

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