Classical conveying line type PM

By using the classical spiralfeeder conveying line the material will be transported by the feedingspiral to all machinery hoppers in one line. This technology can reduce the costs for purchase and power consumption when all machines are placed in a row. Because of the mixing performance and the closed operation of the spiralfeeder this conveying system is the preferred solution for all powder plants like PVC or duroplastic processors. And even in the food and chemical industry it can be the right solution.

Conveying of different materials

If you need to transport more than one material, a doubled line type PM can be used. In the displayed layout the upper line has an additional dosing unit for the admixing of regrind. The most extensive system we produced up to now, had 5 parallel lines.

Less space

By using the spiralfeeding system it is possible to place a central feeding line even if there is little space above the machinery hoppers. In the displayed picture a line of 36 machines was fed with only a distance of 500 mm height between hopper and ceiling. Although additional weighing equipment had to be placed the realization was possible with a PM line.

A multiple inlet line is also possible

If you need to collect material from different inlets (e.g. a line of silos) it is possible to use a PM line. In this case several intermediate inlets will be placed into the conveyor.

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