PS Series

With feeders from the PS series it is possible to transport material directly from the original container. This feeder type can also be connected to a granulator.

Field of application

Units from the PS series are used as single feeders when the material is taken directly from octabins or skeleton containers. This model can also be connected to the extraction tube of a granulator. There is also a connecting device available to connect the PS feeder to a hopper from the SC series if required. The output of a PS feeder is, due to the adapted inlet probe, lower than of the PC feeder. We always recommend the use of a PC feeder when conveying from a hopper.


With the devices of the PS series the conveyed material is also transported by the conveyor spiral. As there is no air used as conveying medium, this unit is suitable for the transport of powders and dusty materials such as regrinds. Especially when connecting to granulators, no contamination of the environment by issuing fines is to be expected. By being able to stick the inlet probe into an existing container, the exchange of empty containers is quick and easy.


The feeder of the PS series is provided with an inlet probe with which the conveyor can be inserted directly into the material. It is safeguarded by a protective cage against inadvertent reaching into the screw conveyor . Due to their type of construction the PS models do not have an expansion area for the spiral and the maximum length of these devices is limited to 8 meters. Also note that for transporting material from a container no empty status signal is possible. To prevent damage from running dry, a special control system is available.


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