PC Series

PC series

With a flange connection to feed from a transitube® Antibridging device or hopper, as well as from an existing container.

PC Series

Field of application

The feeders of the PC Series are used as individual units for feeding machine hoppers and can also be built into complex multi-feeding units. With their modular inlet and outlet flanges they can be easily combined with each other.
By the use of a clamping ring system in conjunction with various accessories consisting of valves, angular segments, Y-pipes, etc., almost any conveyor variant can be realized.
The simplest variant is a feeder type PC combined with a hopper type SC and a mounting kit for the machine hopper. This combination includes everything the customer needs to fill the machine hopper.



Products in powder form can be conveyed dust-free by using a spiral with high rotational speed. Because we abstain from using air as a medium for transport the feeder is a closed system from which no dust can escape. At the same time the rotation of the spiral provides a continuous homogenization, a separation of the product is impossible. One of the advantages of a spiral conveyor compared with a slow turning screw is that the material is not pushed through the tube, but fluidized by the rotational speed of the spiral. Hence the feeders are not prone to wear and tear, operating lives of 25 years and longer are no rarity.


PC-Serie Zeichnung

The feeders of the PC series are equipped with a clamping ring at the inlet and outlet which makes it very easy to connect them to existing loading points (e.g. silos, big-bag-stations). The diameter of the connections depend on the feeding volume, to guarantee a proper flow rate.
The feeders are available in 6 performance ranges which are distinguished by the diameter of the outer tubes.
You can find the most significant dimensions in the adjacent sketch in combination with the subsequent table.

Typ a b c Ø1 Ø2 Ø3 R L KW max.performance
30PC 160 195 260 43 120/150 120/150 1,5m max.12m 0,37-0,75 0,3 cbm/h
39PC 165 215 270 51 120/150 120/150 1,5m max.20m 0,75-1,1 0,6 cbm/h
53PC 165 240 270 63 120/150 120/150 1,5m max.20m 1,1-1,5 2,5 cbm/h
70PC 200 247 430 80 150 120/150 2,5m max.20m 1,5-1,8 5,0 cbm/h
80PC 210 310 430 90 150 120/150 2,5m max.20m 1,8-2,2 8,0 cbm/h
100PC 260 450 480 110 200 200 3,0m max.20m 2,2-3,0 12,0 cbm/h
*slight deviations are possible

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