Dosing Unit DCL

Dosing Unit DCL

The right solution to dose 2 or more components (e.g. virgin material, regrind and master-batch) with a high capacity next to the machine. This system was especially designed for the classic blow-moulding production. Also in any other case of dosing where these requirements are given the DCL system is useable.

Dosingunit DCL

Field of application

If you need to mix virgin and recycled material with accurate percentages and also other components like additives will be added, the TransitubeĀ® dosingtechnology should come into your focus. The dosingunit type DCL is designed to dose next to the machine, especially when larger quantities are to be processed (e.g regrind at a classic blow-moulding machine). The transport from the dosingunit to the machineryhopper with a transitubeĀ® spiralfeeder will do the job of a mixer. No additional mixingunit is necessary.


Dosingunit DCL

The dosing unit type DCL can be used for volumetric dosing with high accuracy. The storage hoppers with 200 liters volume can be used for material charging as well as intermediate storage of regrind coming directly from a grinder. In combination with a spiralfeeder no additional mixing equipment on the machine is necessary. With such a system no “mixing tower” on top of the machine is needed. Even for the combination with powders or bridging materials, solutions are available.


Dosingunit DCL details

By turning the dosing spiral in variable speed the materials will be dosed in the right amount. The use of a spiralfeeder for the machinery distribution, the dosed materials will be mixed during the transport. Different models of control units are available to operate from manual adjustment up to fully automated gravimetric mode.

Typ A B H C D E Volume
DCL 200 1250 370 1000 730 1300 860 2 x 100 l
DCL 400 1450 370 1220 830 1500 960 2 x 200 l
DCL 800 1850 370 1320 1050 1900 1060 2 x 400 l
*slight deviations are possible
Dosingunit DCL

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